Throwing Down The Certification Gauntlet


Become Salesforce Application & System Architect certified by the end of 2018 so I can optionally take the Certified Technical Architect certification in the future.

The Architect Journey pyramid shows what certifications are required to become a Certified Technical Architect. See the Architect Certification Overview for more info.

Current Certifications

  • Platform Developer I & II
  • Platform App Builder

Needed Certifications

I’ll take the certifications in the order listed below so I can become application architect certified after passing the Data Architecture & Management Designer.

  1. Sharing & Visibility Designer
  2. Data Architecture & Management Designer
  3. Integration Architecture Designer
  4. Identity and Access Management Designer
  5. Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer

Why the Public Challenge?

I’m the kinda guy who does everything possible to accomplish something when I commit to it, which is why I don’t commit to many things and stay focused on a few. By publishing this, I’m committed! Furthermore, I’ve just scheduled the Sharing & Visibility Designer exam for April 27.

I was feeling ambitious and felt like scheduling all 5 one week a part but then my prudent side said pass 1 and then schedule the next.

I’m doing this for the reasons in Get Salesforce Certified.

What are your certification goals for the year?

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