Throwing Down The Certification Gauntlet

COMPLETED 5/25/2018! See below for more info.


Become Salesforce Application & System Architect certified by the end of 2018 so I can optionally take the Certified Technical Architect certification in the future.


The Architect Journey pyramid shows what certifications are required to become a Certified Technical Architect. See the Architect Certification Overview for more info.

Current Certifications

  • Platform Developer I & II
  • Platform App Builder

Needed Certifications

I’ll take the certifications in the order listed below so I can become application architect certified after passing the Data Architecture & Management Designer.

  1. Sharing & Visibility Designer – Passed 4/27/2018. Visibility & Sharing Study Guide
  2. Data Architecture & Management Designer – Passed 5/4/2018. Study Guide
  3. Integration Architecture Designer – Passed 5/18/2018. Study Guide
  4. Identity and Access Management Designer – Passed 5/25/2018. Study Guide
  5. Development Lifecycle and Deployment Designer – Passed 5/10/2018. Study Guide

Why the Public Challenge?

I’m the kinda guy who does everything possible to accomplish something when I commit to it, which is why I don’t commit to many things and stay focused on a few. By publishing this, I’m committed! Furthermore, I’ve just scheduled the Sharing & Visibility Designer exam for April 27.

I was feeling ambitious and felt like scheduling all 5 one week a part but then my prudent side said pass 1 and then schedule the next.

I’m doing this for the reasons in Get Salesforce Certified.

What are your certification goals for the year?

7 thoughts on “Throwing Down The Certification Gauntlet”

    1. Thanks Ken! You’ve definitely inspired and motivated me to do this. When do you sit for the CTA board?

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