Lightning Prototypes Unmanaged Package

Recently, Ryan Headley, a Salesforce MVP and a co-host of System Dot Debug, announced that System Dot Debug is accepting Lightning Components from the Salesforce developer community to share on their podcast. To submit components, one has to provide an unmanaged or managed package. View this tweet for details.

To share the components I’ve developed for learning purposes over the last year, I decided to create an unmanaged package for this. Below are the components included.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install the unmanaged package using either the Production / Developer Edition Installation Link or the Sandbox Installation Link
  2. See the Blog Posts below for configuration and other details.

Field Set Form Component

This component allows one to create a one column form of inputs for an Object whose fields are configurable via a field set. It allows one to create or edit a record and is generic enough for most objects.

See the Field Set Form Blog Post for more details.

Field Set Form V2 Component

This provides the same functionality as the Field Set Form above but was redesigned to use the new in Spring 18 lightning:inputField and lightning:recordEditForm components.

See the Field Set Form V2 Post for more details.

Lookup Dropdown Component

This component provides a dropdown of all the parent records for a specified lookup or master-detail on a child record.

See the Lookup Dropdown Post for more details.

Field Set Record Display Component

This component provides a one column readonly display of fields to shown on a record detail page. The fields and their order are configurable using a field set and this uses lightning:outputField and lightning:recordViewForm components.

See the Field Set Record Display Post for more details.

Record Video Viewer

This component lets one show a video on a record detail page. The video’s source url is specified using one of the record’s fields.

See the Lightning Record Video Viewer Component Post for more details.

Collapsible Section

This component displays a header and content below it. If one clicks the header, they can collapse and expand its content. It acts very similar to a collapsible section on a record.

See the Collapsible Section Lightning Component Post for more details.

Page Layout Record Display

This component shows a read-only record whose layout is configured by a specified page layout.

See the Page Layout Record Display Lightning Component Post for more details.