Reflecting on 2 Years in Business

Last week was Metillium’s 2 year anniversary. It really flew by quickly. Overall, things are still going well and I still enjoy it, most days.

What’s New?

Rochester, NY Dev Group Started

Salesforce accepted my dev group application and I’m now a leader for the Rochester, NY Dev Group. We held out inaugural kickoff meeting in June and we had 12-13 attendees. Our second meeting was a week ago at RIT where we held “Office Hours” for attendees to come ask questions as needed and we had 1 attendee asking about career prospects.

Our next meeting will be in September and will be a presentation on Lightning Component development.

Overall, this has been a lot of fun and a lot of work. It’s still in its infancy but we’re getting organized, laying infrastructure, and building momentum.

Wanna get involved? Join the Rochester, NY Developer Group TrailBlazer Community

Certified Technical Architect Eligible… Again

I’m happy to report that I passed the 5 Architecture Designer certification within 6 weeks in order to become eligible to take the Certified Technical Architect exam, if I choose. This was part of my Throwing Down the Certification Gauntlet Challenge.

That was a lot of fun because I learned a lot about the platform and so much so that I started the Throwing Down the Certification Gauntlet #2 Challenge which is in progress. I passed the Admin and Community Cloud certifications but failed the Sales Cloud exam by 1 question so I need to study some more. Thankfully, I know the content areas to focus on to pass which are Opportunity Management, Sales Cloud Analytics like forecasting, and Sales Productivity.

Before I tackle the CTA, I want to become Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Advanced Admin certified because I feel those areas will round out my knowledge and help me prepare for CTA further despite them not being mentioned in the CTA requirements explicitly. Getting them by the end of the year is still the goal but my suspicion is it’ll bleed into next year.

Lightning Prototype Components

I’ve released various Lightning Prototype Components and created a GitHub repo for them to make it easier to deploy and share the code. I’ve never really considered myself a front-end developer but it’s been fun tinkering with the Lightning Framework to push the boundaries.

Slackforce Has 150 Members

Slackforce had its 150th member join today and is still slowly growing. Having like-minded colleagues to bounce ideas around and share info is great! Wanna join us? It’s free! Join Link

Paying Down Debt

Paid off my student loans 3 1/2 years early! That was so anti-climactic but glad they’re gone. Now I’m planning to accelerate my car loan payoff.

What’s Next?

Dev Group Focus

My primary focus, besides being an awesome consultant, will be the Dev Group and making it better. This will likely be a gradual ramp up but I really like teaching and sharing with people and I hope this helps others out!

Sales Cloud, Service Cloud & Advanced Admin Certifications

I want to acquire these certs to round out my knowledge and I’ll get there in time.

More Open Source Contributions

I’ll create some more Lightning prototypes such as a “Page Layout Form” that creates a form based on a page layout. Need a read-only version? Check out the Page Layout Record Display.

Contemplating contributing to other open source projects like the

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