2019 Certification Challenge

2018 was a great year certification wise. I went from 3 certifications to 12 by obtaining the admin cert, architect designer certs, and the community cloud cert. I’m now CTA eligible and may take it someday.

However, I came up short with the¬†Throwing Down the Certification Gauntlet #2¬†challenge by failing the Sales Cloud certification by 1 question back in July which derailed me a bit and I haven’t retried it. Most of my Salesforce attention has been on the local dev group instead of certifications.

2019 Certification Challenge

Now that it’s 2019, one of my goals is to obtain these 3 remaining certifications from the challenge by the end of the year:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Advanced Admin
  • Service Cloud

What are your 2019 certification goals?

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