Boostr: View Flow or Process Builder Causing Error

Boostr for Salesforce is a Chrome extension that enhances the Salesforce experience by providing various enhancements to the browser experience such as

  • Changeset searching and filtering
  • Checking all edit and view field permissions in profiles and permission sets
  • Counting the number of fields checked in field history tracking
  • and More!

View Offending Process Builder or Flow Link


Now, I’m happy to announce that Boostr has a new feature in version 0.91 and above that adds a “View Offending Flow or Process Builder” link to the generic Flow / Process Builder error page in Salesforce classic. Opening the link opens the Flow Designer page with the Flow or Process Builder that caused the error.


The feature parses out the flow version error id and then appends that to the flow designer page to form the URL to navigate to.

I created this because sometimes you don’t receive the Flow error email and it can be troublesome to identify which Flow or process builder caused the error.

Note: The opened Flow Designer may have actually opened a process builder and not a Flow so be aware of that. The reason is that process builders are really Flows under the hood. When viewing a process builder from the Flow Designer page and reading the error email output, it actually makes more sense.

Thanks Matt

Want to give a big shout out to Matt Simonis who originally created Boostr and who has allowed me and other contributors to enhance it further.

If you’d like to contribute, fork the Boostr GitHub project, make the desired changes, and then create a pull request.