Sudoku Project

Sudoku Project

The GitHub Sudoku project contains the C# code for a 9×9 Sudoku Solver along with corresponding test code using easy, medium, hard, and evil puzzles from web sudoku.

The code is reasonably generic and could be adapted to solve different size boards such as a 12×2 or 6×6 with some effort. In the future, code will be added to generate Sudoku boards of varying difficulty.

Other contributors are welcome and I’d love to see the solving algorithms you use.

Why Sudoku?

Sudoku is one of those games that doesn’t take much time to do and keeps your mind sharp. It’s a game that I’ve played occasionally for years, especially to pass the time when waiting.

Early in my career, I created a Sudoku solver that could solve the easy, medium, hard, and evil difficulty Sudoku puzzles on web sudoku.  I wanted to re-code the solver now to see how my coding skills have progressed over the years given the same objective. Unfortunately, the original code is lost to the ages.

Also, I wanted to code something different. Lately, I’ve been focusing my attention on Salesforce and other web programming related items and I wanted to take a break from that.

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