Goals & Priorities

After watching Laura Vanderkam’s: How to gain control of your free time Ted Talk, it inspired me to move my butt off the couch and come upstairs to write this post. While a relatively benign title, the content of the talk really resonated with me.


  • “I don’t have time really means that’s not a priority to me”. This is a good reminder for what I had learned early in life and what hopefully is obvious to everyone. Laura gave an example of how a homeowner had their hot water heater break and water leak all over. The homeowner spent 7 hours cleaning up the mess and fixing the issue. Laura then went on to say with this person so busy how did he or she find 7 hours in one week to resolve this.
  • When setting goals, set goals across different areas of your life. Her recommendation was setting goals across “Career / Profession, Relationships, and Self”. To me, that’s brilliant because that encompasses the major life areas. If I had to add one, it may be “environment”.

Laura definitely has me rethinking my Goals & Priorities. As someone whose goals and priorities frequently change, I thought I’d write them down and share them. This will allow me to reflect on what things are a priority or not and have a greater likelihood of commitment and attainment.

Goals & Priorities

Happy & Healthy Family

Having a happy and healthy family is by far my biggest priority and goal. There will be unhappy and unhealthy times but striving for this is where it’s at.

How will I do this? By “making it so” as Captain Picard used to say. And by allocating time for family, and by providing for them, and by doing the right thing.

I thought about including weight loss but I’m actually quite happy with my body and health so this isn’t a priority for me.


Relationships with people is where there’s opportunity for great improvement. I tend to be a loner. A guy who likes to read, learn, analyze and tinker with things. Lately though, I’ve found that spending quality time with people brings great pleasure and fulfillment to my life. As a result, I will take every opportunity that comes my way.

Helping Others

Helping others is another priority for me. This reminds me of a “Walking Dead” scene where Carol asks King Ezekiel “Why are you helping me?” and he responds “because it makes me feel good”.

One way I’m doing this is by mentoring a junior in high school in his independent study class to learn Object Oriented programming and design to help build a 2D game engine he’s been wanting to build. I have to brush up on my C++ but am really looking forward to this. I wish I had a programming mentor when I was in high school.

Provide Best Service To Customers

Providing the best service possible to my customers is very important to me. If you’re paying me to do a job, you’re getting the best I have to offer each and every moment!

To a Lesser Extent

  • Keep Learning and collaborating with others.
  • Minimize complaining and take action to eliminate the complaint. This is something that I’ve done a lot more in recent years. It’s better to try to fix the complaint than endlessly talk about it.
  • Become a certified Salesforce Technical Architect.

What are your goals and priorities?