2016 Build: The Future of .NET Languages Review

The Future of .NET Languages Review session is a round-table discussion with Dustin Campbell, David Stephens, Seth Juarez, and Mads Torgersen talking about the future of .NET Languages including C#, Visual F#, and Visual Basic.

Mads and Dustin are very intelligent guys who can explain complex ideas in a simple way. I’ve watched many of their sessions over the years and they’re some of my favorite presenters.


  • Visual Basic aka VB is still alive and well. For a while, new C# features were being brought into VB and vice-versa to keep them on par with each other. Now, that will only happen if it makes sense to do so.
  • C# is receiving more functional language features like Tuples and local functions.
  • C# and Visual F# languages are open sourced and the features being added are discussed first on GitHub discussion threads.
  • C# release schedule will be more frequent with smaller features.

What did you think of the video? Any other takeaways worth mentioning?

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