The Future of C# session is a presentation given by Dustin Campbell and Mads Torgersen talking about the future of the C# language.


  • Designed to run everywhere, compile to native code, develop in any editor, and made open source. This is a work-in-progress with the Roslyn compiler and Visual Studio Code.
  • Mads showcased various new C# features coming in C# 7 and after.
    • Local Functions where you can embed a function in another function.
    • Tuples. (int, int)
    • Patterns. A new control structure that allows one to define a pattern and assign the result to a local variable.
      • Example: “if (v is int i)” – C# will evaluate if v is an integer and if so, assign it to a variable i.
    • Switch on anything now instead of just numeric types.
  • Dustin showcased Roslyn, Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio enhancements.
    • Find all implementations on interfaces and abstract classes.
    • Breakpoints in Visual Studio Code.
    • Better filtering in Intellisense by properties and methods and contains in Visual Studio.
    • Embedded Styling Rules natively in Visual Studio.

What were your takeaways?

Happy Coding,


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